Funded by the Space Climate Observatory and the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs from June 2021

Cardamom mountains, Cambodia, February 2023

TropiSCO proposes to develop a platform for monitoring tropical deforestation on a global scale using Sentinel-1 satellite images. The main advantage of this project lies in the short delay between the event in the forest and the detection by the algorithm, between 6 and 12 days depending on the area considered. The first countries under study include Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Gabon, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. TropiSCO takes advantages of the lessons learnt in the frame of the SOFT project funded by the European Space Agency.

TropiSCO benefits from a close collaboration with some key partner countries in the Amazon, Congo and South-East Asia basins to adapt the detection tool to their needs.

TropiSCO data will have many uses: fighting illegal logging and mining, illegal agricultural crops and wildlife trafficking, but also providing easily usable data and statistics. Interested users include governments, NGOs, fire monitors, universities, the general public or companies wishing to reduce the risk of deforestation in their supply chains.

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